October 10, 2006

life is suffering

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:08 pm by anand

I had a great realization today that “Life is suffering”. Buddha was a clever guy, he had that realization centuries ago. I am a poor fellow, even in 21st century, it took me so long to realize that, that too after yet another failed attempt to apply for a passport.

It took me really long time to overcome my laziness and fill the form and take photographs etc. After doing all this, i went to nearest postoffice to submit the form. I had to ask many people to reach the right person, to whom, i can submit my passport application. She said, she will accept only demand drafts. I tried to argue with her but soon realized that it is of no help. Having no other option left, i went to HDFC bank to make a DD. They give DDs only if you give a cheque and i was not carrying my chequebook. Feeling sad, found an SBM nearby. I had to wait for almost half an hour to get the DD ready. Came back to postoffice and started writing the DD number in the section provided in the form. Only then i realized that i need to fill the bank code also. I had to go back to the bank and ask the people there for that info. Its almost 1 pm by the time i finished all this circus. But the show is still yet to begin.

Went back to postoffice and saw that woman was shouting on another man who came to apply his passport that he is late and she wont accept application after 12:30. But somehow she was nice at me and agreed to check (only) my application. She had so many objections about my application. Even about my degree certificate from iisc that there is no govt. stamp, but after a colleague expalined her about what is iisc, she was satisfied and moved to the next.

Should go again and try my luck tomorrow.