September 13, 2006

lost my name

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:24 pm by anand

Recently i came to know that it is possible to write blog in telugu (or any other indian language) using unicode. Vijay Lakshminarayanan has written a nice Indian Language Converter. All you have to do is type roman characters and it displays telugu preview. copy it and paste it in your blog.

There is a telugublog comumity which is very active and oremuna has a good howto on TeluguBlogging.

After seeing all these my sprits went high and i tried to create a new blog with my current wordpress account. when i tried to put a telugu name for the second blog, i realized that it doesn’t allow me to have two different names for same account. so i deleted that blog thinking that will get it again as user anandavihari. it seems it is not possible to get a deleted blog. very bad! i lost my name.


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  1. chavakiran said,

    Probably you can contact wordpress forums to get your deleted blog. There must be a way.

    Otherwise you can try to open a blog with same name in other services

    like or blogspot.

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