September 7, 2006

better matrimony

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:26 am by anand

India is in bad need of a good matrimony site. Today i was looking at, as i was trying to create a profile for my sister. It was pathetically painful and i finally gave up. It took me really long time to find a link to search. For doing search one has to be a member. i had no option but to register. When i went to register, it first sent me an email confirmation and only after confirming it allowed me to register. when i started registering, it kept on troubling me with all nonsense details. I didnt want to fill the whole form, so i filled only part of it. There is no indication that which are compulsary fields. It gave me an error everytime i press submit button. Enter City, Street Address, Cell number, phone number, Income level, passort type…. Too big list! i finally gave up!

The only other popular site available is This is much better than all the other sites but still not an yway near to the expectation. One big pain point it is doesnt show the name of the people in the search. you have to remember the 6 digit id. And the other thing i dont like is it is very closed. It doesnt allow you to put any urls or email ids there. the profile is manually verified if you make any changes to your profile.

Why can’t there be a site which promotes openness? I recently saw in, it allows you to say “i am also in”,where are find you in other places the internet. you can specify what is your orkut id, flickr id, blogspot url etc… I think this is very much more required in a matrimony site. How can somebody decide the partner without knowing enough details! Shouldnt his/her attitude, way of thinking is more important than cast and horoscope?

Orkut is really good site, but it can’t be used for matrimony.

If i were to design a matrimony site, this is how i design.

The core of the site will be based on tags. people tag themselves, and anybody can search based on tags. The site will provide a place to specify other urls just like does. enough, nothing more is required.

Problem is there are very few people who think like this. Bhagwan mere desh to bachao!


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